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Implant-Supported Overdentures

Top Qualities of Snap-On Dentures
In Los Algodones, Mexico

World-Class Dental Implants

Our Dentists use top dental implant brands like Straumann or Nobel Biocare.

 Palateless Snap-on Dentures

Snap-In dentures do not cover the roof of the mouth, allowing you to taste food normally.

Easy to Maintain

Snap-on dentures maintenance is the same as regular dentures; easy and affordable.

Low-Cost Implant Solution

Our patients save over 10,000 USD with snap-on dentures. The most affordable solution.

Hi! I am Dr. Eddie Hoffmann Your New Dentist for Dental Implants in Los Algodones

Pleased to meet you, I am Dr. Eddie Ojeda Hoffmann, the leading dental specialist at Smile Crafters by Algodones Dental Group
. I was trained in Mexico and Venezuela and have been restoring people´s smiles for over a decade with dental implant solutions, like the All On 4 treatment.

As a certified Prosthodontist and Cosmetic dentist, I can help you to get your smile back, with the most beautiful results. I and my whole team will be pleased to be the dentists you trust.

Meet Our Patient: Ted L.

Ted L. was tired of her wearing he old conventional dentures. He was not able to chew, talk or even taste the foods she liked, so he started searching for a permanent solution.

When he arrived at our clinic, he had no teeth left and also had severe bone loss. Dr. Hoffmann suggested Snap-On dentures as the best treatment option for he, as he was looking for an affordable treatment.

After a couple of trips, Ted L. got he Snap-On dentures with 4 regular implants, and he quality of life improved thanks to amazing dental work.

Los Algodones Snap In Dentures Treatment®Why Get Full-Mouth Dental Implants in Mexico?

Getting Snap on Dentures in Los Algodones is an important decision to make, that’s why we want to share with you what makes Dr. Hoffman and his team of dental specialists stand out at their practice:

Cost-EffectiveAll-On 4

At Smile Crafters by Algodones Dental Group, we have the best all-on-four costs in Molar City. Every patient saves around 60 % on their dental implants.

7-Day Dental Work

Dr. Hoffmann and his team of dental specialists can deliver the All On 4 procedure within 7 days or less, making your visit easier.

Personalized Restorations

Each restoration is like a work of art; unique and esthetic. The All On 4 prosthesis patients receive is fully tailored to their needs.

Snap on Dentures Cost in Los AlgodonesGet Affordable Overdentures in Mexico

The cost for snap-on dentures in Los Algodones, Mexico is the most affordable out of any other dental destination. Here at Smile Crafters by Algodones Dental Group, overdenture prices start at 3,500 USD per arch for a Snap-On denture with mini implants (4).

Snap-on Dentures w/ 4 Mini implants

USD* Per Arch

Snap-on Dentures w/ 6 Mini Implants

USD* Per Arch

*This cost includes pre-op treatments,
implant surgery, and prosthesis fabrication.

*This cost includes pre-op treatments,
implant surgery, and prosthesis fabrication.

How to Pay for Snap-On
Dentures in Mexico?

Credit Card

USD Cash

Debit Card

MXN Cash

PPO Insurance

CAD Cash

What If I’m Not a Candidate for Mini Implants?Know your Options for Snap on Dentures in Los Algodones

Some of our patients come to our clinic looking for the most affordable snap-on dentures (3,500 USD). However, mini dental implants are only recommended for certain people who meet specific bone density conditions. In case you do not qualify, don´t worry, we can use regular dental implants for your overdenture.

Snap-on Denture w/4
Regular Implants

USD -Per Arch

Reinforced PMMA palateless snap-on denture with 4 titanium dental implants.

• Best for low bone density
• Upgradable to All On 4
• High-resistance acrylic
• Low maintenance

Snap-on Denture w/6
Regular Implants

USD -Per Arch

Reinforced PMMA palateless snap-on denture with 6 titanium dental implants.

• Best for sufficient bone density
• Upgradable to All On 6
• High-resistance acrylic
• Low maintenance

Experience All-Inclusive Dental Work in The Mansion® Los Algodones

Coming to The Mansion Los Algodones is the best way to experience real dental tourism in Molar City. This is the only place where you can really enjoy a visit to the dentist.

Dentist Always Available

Your dentist is always near you, at any time you need, during your treatment process and recovery.

Accommodation Amenities

You´ll find all you need for a comfortable stay at The Mansion; safety, privacy, room service, and more benefits.

End-to-End Patient Care

There will be no reason for you to worry during your stay, we will take care of you from start to finish.

Have your Accommodation at The Mansion Cost-Free!

Accommodation in The Mansion Los Algodones® during your dental implant treatment is fully included from 5,000 USD and up. Your stay can be booked for up to 10 days.

Snap on Dentures Steps in Los Algodones, MexicoHave Permanent Teeth in Two Trips

The Snap-on Dentures Treatment in Los Algodones includes surgery and fabrication of a new dental prosthesis. It is completed in two trips, with a recovery time of 6 months between each.

Dental Implant Surgery

Undergo dental implant surgeryon your first trip

6-Month Recovey

Heal from implant surgery, while using a temporary denture.

Final Overdenture

Receive your final overdenture on your final trip.

Snap On Dentures Before & After In Los Algodones, Mexico

Snap in Dentures in Los Algodones FAQ´s

Can I Really get Teeth-in-a-day in Los Algodones?

The concept of teeth-in-a-day or same-day teeth refers to an immediate load protocol of a temporary dental prosthesis after dental implant surgery. These temporary teeth must be worn for 6 months until the teeth implants heal.

What kind of technology is used for the Snap-on Dentures® treatment?

Dr. Hoffmann uses the surgical guide method for dental implantation. A surgical guide is a 3D-printed mold that helps the surgeon to place the dental implants at the perfect spot, thus ensuring the proper support for the full-arch bridge and making the procedure safer for the patient.

What kind of technology is used for Dental crowns in Los Algodones?

Dr. Hoffmann uses iTero 3D scanner and Romexis® Smile Design software to plan and design every treatment with dental crowns. In addition, our dental technicians use CAD/CAM software to fabricate tooth crowns, based on the digital design or teeth impressions.

Who will perform the Dental implant surgery on me?

Dr. Eddie Hoffmann will be the one responsible for performing your dental implantation surgery. In case he can´t do it for any reason, one of our maxillofacial surgeons will perform the procedure.

How much do Dental Implants Hurt?

Any dental implant treatment includes conscious sedation. If you suffer from a certain dread of dentists, don’t worry, Dr. Hoffmann and his team will make sure you don’t feel any pain during the surgery. After the surgery, you might feel some discomfort, swelling, or pain. This is normal, and it can be reduced by taking medication.

How many visits do I have to do to Los Algodones for an implant-supported overdenture?

You will need to make two trips to Los Algodones with 6 months between each to get a full-mouth restoration with dental implants. After the implant surgery, the implants need to heal and integrate with the surrounding bone tissue. This process is known as osseointegration. In case you get a Snap-On denture with mini implants, the healing time will reduce to a couple of weeks. This means you will get your final overdenture in a single trip.

What payment options do I have to get Snap-In dentures in Los Algodones?

At Algodones Dental Group, we accept payments with cash or credit, or debit cards. You can ask your treatment coordinator for more information about payment methods.

Can I get Snap on dentures with mini-implants in Los Algodones?

It is possible to get Snap on Dentures with mini implants in Los Algodones for as low as 3,500 USD per arch. However, only patients that meet certain conditions can be suitable candidates. If you want to know if you can get mini implants, you can contact a treatment coordinator and have your 3D CB/CT X-ray scan ready.

What kind of dental Implants are used for Snap in Dentures?

At Dental Clinic Mexico, we use titanium dental implants from Straumann and Nobel Biocare. These implants provide our patients with the best results with their overdentures.


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